Message for May

Here’s a quick note to get you caught up on my activities. As promised, I am sharing more about my trips to locations and activities supporting the mission for teaching, research and healthcare. See the “calendar highlights” in the CIO website. I continue to be amazed at the impact UC has on California, the world, and most importantly on people. I also see a tremendous opportunity for IT to play a stronger role in the University’s future. Many areas are being profoundly changed through the use of technology. I encourage you to be interested in not only technology but also how we as a University use it for teaching, assessing student success, and enabling ground-breaking research. Technology is just a tool – it’s the application that makes an impact.

There’s a lot happening on the communications front in ITS. We’re developing an agenda for the June 10 ITS Town Hall, which we’ll web stream from the Elihu Harris auditorium (thanks to the UCSF team). I encourage you to tell me or your director any topics you’d like to see addressed. Our webinar series is posted online: Save May 19 for the next webinar – an overview of our QA function. Also, send me feedback on how you’re living with the ITS objectives – see my question to you on this blog. Feel free to post other comments or questions, and to share these links with others in the broad IT community. The more we share, the more connections we make.

One last thing – Thursday is the 100th anniversary for our UC Cooperative Extension. Happy 100th . . . . !!!

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