Mobility and Modern Web

Innovation and “pushing the envelope” is in my work DNA.  So when there’s a chance to go speak to a group of innovators, you can count me in. I was thrilled to attend the Mobility and the Modern Web Conference  at UCLA. I met  people from more than 50 campuses across the country who talked about the latest and greatest in the mobile space.  I gave a keynote about how the role of IT and makeup of our teams are changing and how we must evolve in order to have strategic value to the institutions.  If we stand still, we become a utility!  I usually can create some “shock value” with groups, but not with this crew . . . These were the “edge collaborators.”  I learned from them, and most importantly, they came up and challenged me.  I love that!  They spoke of the challenges of being an innovator within the UC system today and how many barriers they experience in bringing their innovations into operation.  This got me thinking (again) – how do we unleash the power and  energy of 7000 IT professionals within the UC? Where’s the tipping point?  Do you know?

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