Recording: Accessibility Demystified: A Global Accessibility Awareness Day Seminar

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If you missed UC’s May 19 Global Accessibility Awareness Day webinar, you can watch the GAAD video now. The webinar was sponsored by the UC Electronic Accessibility Committee and over 280 people joined from across UC!

Ten UC colleagues from five UC locations worked together to produce the program. Their goal was to help the audience understand why it’s important to address accessibility, and how to do just that. 

The presentations are: 

  1. Building Bridges for Everyone – Darin Jensen (UCOP) [1:50]
  2. Temporary Disabilities: A UC Staff Person’s Experience – Tanya Jansen (UCSF) and Jill Wolters (UCSF) [11:15]
  3. Ally Demo: Making LMS Content Accessible – Travis Lee (UCLA) [17:55]
  4. Rich Text Editors: Maintaining Accessibility – Douglas Harriman (UCOP) [32:05]
  5. Trapped Again! Keyboard User Demo – Joshua Hori (UC Davis) [48:12]
  6. Accessibility Friendly Feud – Douglas Harriman (UCOP), Chris Patterson (UCLA), Judy Thai (UCOP) [59:09]
  7. Accessibility Matters! – Jim Phillips (UC Santa Cruz) [1:09:55]

More information may be found on the UC Electronic Accessibility website, including links to 

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