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Posted by Gabe Youtsey, CIO, Agriculture and Natural Resources.  The UC IT Community now has a Slack channel just for us – UCTech. The UCTech “team” already has over 850 subscribers, and 81 “channels,” or chat rooms on specific topics that are “persistent,” meaning they don’t disappear. There are channels like #hangout, for just shooting the breeze with UC colleagues, #townhall for making questions and asking comments during the recent webstreamed UC IT Town Hall, and #slacktalk for learning how to use Slack.

I’d like to encourage everyone to join UCTech on Slack. You’re sure to find channels of interest to you: maybe #project-management, #amazonwebservices, #accessibility, #events. If you don’t, you can create a channel for public discussion or private team use!

Slack promotes informal and immediate interaction with colleagues at other UC locations. Jump on Slack, meet your colleagues, and join the conversation!

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