The Campus Vibe

April 2014
Merced, San Francisco, Riverside, Santa Barbara

Campus Vibe, UC Merced, Riverside, Santa BarbaraI really enjoy visiting the campuses. It’s not just about being closer to students or what’s going on in the classroom. It’s about the energy there and what’s going on all around – the activities, the meeting places, the bikes (UCSB and UCD especially!). Each campus has its unique characteristics and vibe. I just appreciate the opportunity to “hang out” for the day, and of course get some work done. During April, I visited Merced, San Francisco, Riverside, and Santa Barbara, and learned something about each campus – its history, challenges, and aspirations. At UCM, we sat with the chancellor and discussed the role IT will play in the tremendous growth the campus expects. At UCSF, we spoke with researchers about computing power and the shrinking costs of sequencing the human genome. At UCSB, I heard about successes and challenges eight months into their significant consolidation of IT across the campus. And in Riverside, I was fortunate to attend the Investiture of Chancellor Kim Wilcox (see photo). With every visit I learn something new about our university and receive good input on how we are doing as an IT community and how we can contribute more.

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