UC Cybersecurity Summit – Actually a Fun Event!

By Alexa Rivetti, IT Communications Coordinator, UCOP.  Over 80 cybersecurity professionals converged at UC Berkeley’s Memorial Stadium on November 9, 2016, for the second biannual UC Cybersecurity Summit. The event was informative, positive, and fun. Lawyers, professors, and programmers formed teams to compete in a cybersecurity-themed game of Family Feud, drawing many laughs. There were many standout presentations, including the keynote by Gregory Bell, CEO and founder of Corelight, an entrepreneurial spinout from the Berkeley Lab, who described the ins and outs of a security startup in a university setting. Later, Michael Troncoso, managing counsel of UC’s Health Law Group, asked the audience to re-think cyber-risk and focus on resilience even more than prevention. An especially sensational presentation by FBI Agent Nicholas Shenkin was titled “UC is a Target” and featured hidden camera footage in Chinese hotels.

The sharing of knowledge and collaborative spirit made the conference a success. The next summit will take place June 20 – 21, 2017 at the UC Davis Information Security Symposium. To learn more about the summit, watch the video recap:

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