UCCSC 2016 Video Recap: In IT Together!

Posted by Alexa Rivetti, UCB student intern, UCOP.  UC Santa Cruz served as the perfect location for the 2016 University of California Computing Services Conference (UCCSC), which took place this past July at Porter College. The theme for the conference was “In IT Together.”

Excitement for the event was palpable with tickets selling out in days. What started as a small grass-roots effort by 25 people on UCSC’s campus in 1982 has turned into an annual juggernaut of information technology and innovation, this year bringing in 300 UC IT professionals from across the state.

Whether you’re thinking about attending next year, want to learn more about the conference, or just want to reminisce, please take a minute and watch the video below to see the amazing things that happened at UCCSC 2016.

Please visit the conference website to learn more.

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  1. Karishma

    Love the video! Great job Alexa! Laughed when I saw myself.


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