Upcoming Webinar: Lions, Tigers, Patches, and Inventory. Oh My!

Date: Tuesday, August 30

Time: 2 – 3 p.m.

How do you put out IT fires, manage staff computers, updates, and the world with 3 staff employees, and new untrained student helpers each year?

I don’t know either, yet we do a darn good job of it.

Description: The UCLA Library purchased Lansweeper last year. This offbeat and casual webinar will take you through their process to manage all they can using Lansweeper.

Lansweeper is a network inventory, asset management, deployment, help desk, software inventory, and more system. Although they are still implementing the product, they do use features which have reduced their soft cost immensely. All that with the most minimal staff training they can get away with, and an implement as time allows approach.

Presenter: David Lakatta has been with the UCLA Library for over ten years. His career at UCLA started in the School of Dentistry, and moved over to the Library. During that time he has increased his responsibilities by looking to automate, simplify, and proactively stop a fire before it starts.
Here’s how to join:

Log in to readytalk.com using participant code 9870638
AND join the Audio: 1 (866) 740-1260; access code: 9870638#

You can view previous webinars on the website. Please contact Alexa Rivetti if you have any questions.

Comments (5)

  1. Steve Aguirre

    Please clarify whether this event will be held on Tuesday, August 30th, or Wednesday, August 31st.

    Thank you.

    1. Guest Blogger

      It will be on Tuesday August 30th. Good catch! Thank you.

  2. Frank

    Good talk, good product. Please join and check it out.

    Given that it appears on a UC level, can we have any hope that Lansweeper gets a UC wide license?

    1. Dave Lakatta

      It would be nice to have another alternative offering. Seriously, we’ve been fortunate we were able to license it through SHI. Without our team working hard to license it through purchasing’s policy, we would be up a river with no paddle.

  3. Guest Blogger

    In case you missed it, a recording of this webinar will be up on the UCOP ITS website shortly: http://ucop.edu/information-technology-services/initiatives/webinars.html


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