Webinar: How UC ANR Uses Technology for CA’s Agriculture and Natural Resource Challenges

The UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) has been connecting Californians to their university for over 100 years. Today ANR is finding new and innovative ways to extend UC’s reach to rural areas, to use the power of data to save water and increase crop yields, and to connect with California communities. In this webinar, Chief Information Officer Gabe Youtsey will highlight ANR’s mission and initiatives, with a focus on technology partnerships between IT and the academic community that are driving innovative research and community outreach.

Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Time: 1:00 – 2:00

Access: Log in to www.readytalk.com using participant code 9870638, and also join the audio: 1 (866) 740-1260, using access code: 9870638#

The webinar will be recorded and posted on the website. Check out future webinar dates as well!

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  1. Tom A

    ANR is one of the hidden gems of the UC! Because it crosses many campuses, it sometimes gets overlooked. But when you look at the knowledge, history and contributions of this organization, it is AMAZING! Don’t miss this effort, and make sure someone asks gabe about the “Data as an Asset” strategy he wants to drive within ANR


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