Save the Date: Sept. 11 UC IT Town Hall

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Don’t miss the next UC IT Town Hall – Wednesday, September 11 at 10:00 a.m!

Dr. Harold Schmitz, former Mars, Inc. Chief Science Officer and now General Partner at the March Fund, will discuss the transformation of the food industry enabled by technology through fields such as computational science, digital technologies and data science.  Dr. Schmitz will talk about how in their investment thesis includes the explosion of data and building a data platform and enabling ecosystem that is critical to doubling world food production in an environmentally sustainable manner by 2050.

Danna Gianforte, Chair of the UC IT Leadership Council (ITLC) and UC Riverside CIO will discuss ITLC’s goals for the year.

UC System CIO Tom Andriola will provide a short IT update and take questions, which may be submitted via the Slack #townhall channel, or alternatively, the Zoom chat function.

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  1. April Sather

    Will the UC IT Town Hall be recorded and available to listen to after the event?

    1. UC IT Blogger (Post author)

      Yes. The recording will be posted to the blog.

  2. Xavier Arambula

    Can we submit questions for Dr. Schmitz via email?

    1. UC IT Blogger (Post author)

      Unfortunately no. You can only submit questions on the day of the UC IT Town Hall, through the Slack #townhall channel or the Zoom chat function.


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