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Process Mapping Community of Practice Takes Flight

Birch Aquarium. Credit: Erik Jepsen/UC San

By Mark Hersberger. Process mapping is a valuable skill—not just in IT but in multiple functions. Tools and approaches abound, and the Meaningful Actionable Process Structures Community of Practice (MAPSCoP, for short) has been created to bring UC enthusiasts together….
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Don’t Fidget! WiFi Will Count You

Four photos of people seated in a room

By Sonia Fernandez. Researchers in UC Santa Barbara professor Yasamin Mostofi’s lab have enabled, for the first time, counting a stationary seated crowd using WiFi signals, and without relying on people to carry a device. The technique,…
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A Laser Breakthrough

Artist's concept illustration of electrically controlled optical frequency combs at wafer scale

By James Badham. Fifteen years ago, UC Santa Barbara electrical and materials professor John Bowers pioneered a method for integrating a laser onto a silicon wafer. The technology has since been widely deployed in combination with other silicon photonics devices…
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UCSB’s COVID-19 IT Response

UCSB campus storke tower Photo Credit: MATT PERKO

By Harrison Tasoff. As classes, research and administration transition to the internet, the campus’s information technology (IT) departments have had the monumental task of adapting systems, increasing capacity and keeping the university up and running. The good news is that…
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